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Welcome to DoctorWho20in20!

20 icons in 20 days

Doctor Who 20 in 20
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This 20in20 is for the characters/actors from the British television series Doctor Who. Torchwood characters/actors are also permitted, as are ones from the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Once you have selected a character/actor, you have 20 days to make 20 icons of that character/actor.

|THEMES| The theme set will have 10 themes like in a normal icon challenge.
|CATEGORY| All 5 icons in this set will have a singular theme.
|ARTIST'S CHOICE| Self-explanatory. The artist gets to make 5 icons of their choosing.

Themes will be voted on individually. Category and Artist's Choice will be voted on both as sets and for individual icons.

-Choose only one character from the Doctor Who/Torchwood franchise to make 20 icons.
-Only one icon maker can have a character per round.
-You must choose a different character/actor in back-to-back rounds, but after that you may claim the same character again.
-You can enter only once per challenge with one character/actor.
-Icons must be NEW and made for this community.
-Icons CAN be posted before the voting goes up.
-Posting access will be granted once you've signed up for a character/actor.
-Post the icons either in this community or link to your journal. If you post in your journal the post must be PUBLIC.
-Please don't be a biased voter, especially since it will be obvious who made which icons.
-Don't vote for yourself.
-Make your icons to LJ standards; NO ANIMATION IS PERMITTED unless it is a theme.
-Please avoid any questionable content. If you have a question about it, ask and we'll be glad to help.

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