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Round 69: Signups

1. You must be a member and have read the rules first.
2. You may not use the character/actor you used in the previous round.
3. A character/actor could be chosen up to two people.
4. Sign-ups open until August 30 when icons are due. ^_^ aka for this round you can sign up until the round closes so feel free to come play.

Just leave a comment to this post with the form below:


For ease of use:

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doctor who

Mod Notice

So, I've been gone for over a year and I'm sorry about that! Especially as I didn't even leave a note about. Then again, I didn't plan to be absent for quite so long.

What happened? Well, things happened at work that got to me quite a bit. It lead to me deciding to look for a new job and at the end of September I had secured a new job (to start in December) and quit my old one. However, the two months I had left at my old job were spent flat hunting since my new job was in a different city (and as it was my commute had increased by at least 1 hour per direction). By the time I finally moved early this year, I was completely wiped out and had pretty much forgotten about Livejournal. Especially since I didn't open Photoshop even once during that time.

I closed the voting for the last round (outside of one Theme ties). However, I'm not sure about posting the results as one set fell victim to changes at Photobucket that happened in my absence.
As for the outstanding banners, I'm not sure if I'll get around to those (or if even someone is still interested after over a year).

I won't revive this community as I'm not sure I can (or want to) keep up with it, especially as my own inspiration in regards to icons is pretty much dead. I think I should have done this last year when I first started straggling, but after spending so much time on it - times I quite enjoyed - I just wasn't ready to see it die (and didn't think of handing over to someone else)

If anyone wants to continue doctorwho20in20, I'll gladly hand it over.
doctor who

Round 68: Category + Artist's Choice Voting

• In the first part of the poll you must vote for your favourite ONE (1) sets. (order of preference doesn't matter)
• In the second part of the poll you must vote for your favourite THREE (3) icons. (order of preference doesn't matter)
• Set #'s are located to the left and icon numbers above the icons.
• I know there are a lot of icons but please don't skim the entry. For a fair vote all icons should be looked at.
• Vote fairly and without bias. The quality of the icon is what you're voting for.
• Don't vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.

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